The school, a source generating ideals to combine Man with the Society of the future. New evolutionary models can be grafted into the traditional school to recreate inclusive innovative models that capture the interest of students and professors. The Leonardo company deals with the design and supervision of research institutes and innovative schools according to the highest pedagogical and functional international standards according to the guidelines of INDIRE: National Institute of Documentation, Innovation and Educational Research, research institution of the Ministry of Instruction.


Sport, seen as a motivational element to provide new stimuli to a cybernetic and global society. The Leonardo Company operates in the design of sports facilities optimized from the point of view of energy efficiency and requirements. The agonistic plants are made according to CONI regulations also in collaboration with TECHNOGYM, a multinational company specialized in the production of sports equipment.


Energy efficiency of urban projects and complex buildings in Energy Smart configuration. Leonardo is active as General Contractor, also in collaboration with, in the development of specific projects for the containment of energy needs with a view to sustainable real estate development.


Scientific collaboration with the D.I.D.A. – Landscape Laboratory of the University of Florence for the development of infrastructure, landscape and sustainable mobility projects.


Health planning, for humanized hospitals with high technological efficiency. Design and work management activities of integrated high-tech healthcare facilities, where significant problems are encountered in interfacing the building structure, health organization and plant complexity.

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