On March 1, 2018 at the Politecnico di Milano the Seminar "The Architecture of the project between ideation and construction" was held which saw the participation of the most important Italian design companies and branches of foreign groups. The event organized and coordinated by Aldo Norsa , former professor of the IUAV of Venice, and presented by the Vice-President of the Emilio Faroldi Polytechnic , saw the intervention in brainstorming of 25 speakers , including the architect Salvatore Re . Among the topics discussed by the speakers with a free and informal discussion, there were the dimensions of business and growth opportunities, the approach to the market, the specializations in the offer, the synergies of the coexistence of engineering and architecture and the generational turnover. An important opportunity for comparison and growth to give impetus to the Italian architecture and engineering sector. THE CONCEPTS PRESENTED BY SALVATORE...

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PISA MIGRANTE #studiaperti2018

OPEN!! Studies open throughout Italy SATURDAY 19 MAY 2018 - 18.00 - 20.00 [qodef_separator class_name="" type="full-width" position="center" color="yellow" border_style="" width="" thickness="" top_margin="" bottom_margin=""] The crisis of Architecture in Italy forced us to migrate and find new markets. A small reality of the province is found to compete in the world. The study of the architect Salvatore Re, technical director and administrator of the company LEONARDO S.r.l., opens its doors to present the foreign experience of managing the works of the Douala Stadium in Cameroon. During the event everyone will be offered an aperitif. [qodef_separator class_name="" type="full-width" position="center" color="black" border_style="solid" width="" thickness="" top_margin="" bottom_margin=""]

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Architects meet in Selinunte. Play With Identities – everything is history, everything is contemporary

From 21 to 23 June 2018 the architect Salvatore Re will be in Sicily, in the splendid setting of Selinunte, to participate in the eighth edition ofArchitects meet in Selinunte | Play With Identities- everything is history, everything is contemporary -The intervention will be on the theme of the relationship between architecture and society, highlighting, also in light of the regulatory and social developments that are affecting our world, the social role of architecture and of the architect to build a better society.The Leonardo srl will also participate in the self-made exhibition "Progetti Stesi", which will bring the projects exhibited throughout Italy, on a tour during the coming months.The event is directed by:Luigi Prestinenza Puglisi, essayist, critic and historian of Italian architecture.Horace La Monaca, architect.[qodef_button size="huge-full-width" type="solid" text="The program of the event on" custom_class="" icon_pack="font_awesome" fa_icon="" link="" target="_blank" color="" hover_color="" background_color="" hover_background_color="" border_color="" hover_border_color="" font_size="" font_weight="" margin=""]...

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OICE mission to Brussels on European funding

A mission of the OICE to the European Commission is being held in Brussels to deepen the theme of European funding, in which Arch. Salvatore Re. An important initiative under the internationalization program 2018 that the OICE organizes with the ICE in Brussels. [qodef_button size="huge-full-width" type="solid" text="Go to the article on the OICE website" custom_class="" icon_pack="font_awesome" fa_icon="" link="" target="_self" color="" hover_color="" background_color="" hover_background_color="" border_color="" hover_border_color="" font_size="" font_weight="500" margin=""]...

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Architects meets in Selinunte – Report

The architect Salvatore Re has just returned from Selinunte and does not hide the pleasure of having participated in this initiative. [qodef_blockquote text="I am happy to have been invited to this two-day debate on the great Italian architecture, organized by Luigi Prestinenza Puglisi. The event ended with the award of the Selinunte Award to RCR, a Spanish architecture studio whose projects are full of love and poetry and the special career award to the architect. Guido Canali who gave everyone a great lesson in humility." title_tag="h2" width="90"] At the event the architect Salvatore Re brought some works of the Leonardo study that have been exhibited and projected and that will continue to tour Italy in the Progetti Stesi exhibition. [qodef_button size="huge-full-width" type="solid" text="SEE THE PRESENTED TABLES - LINK TO GOOGLE DRIVE" custom_class="" icon_pack="font_awesome" fa_icon="" link="" target="_blank" color="" hover_color="" background_color="" hover_background_color="" border_color="" hover_border_color="" font_size="" font_weight="200" margin=""] THE VIDEO PRESENTED AT THE EVENT THE IMAGES OF THE...

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